The Making of one of the Most Famous Selena Quintanilla Tribute Bands

Created: 08 February, 2018
Last update: 20 April, 2022
Photo courtesy of Como la Flor Band Tribute to Selena

By Andrea Lopez Villafaña

Almost six years ago, Eddie Bevins thought of starting a tribute band but never imagined that he would be creating a band to honor the music of the Tex-Mex Queen Selena Quintanilla.

The Como la Flor Band Tribute to Selena has become one of busiest Selena tribute bands in the country, according to Bevins, and will be returning to perform in San Diego on Feb. 16, at Music Box.

Last year alone, the band performed over 40 shows at venues like the House of Blues, Sycuan Casino, and the Tropicana in Nevada.

Bevins said that Friday’s upcoming performance is their third show at the San Diego music venue and they are hoping for a sellout.

With almost 7,000 followers on their Facebook fan page and their “Selena,” who is portrayed by singer Nira Perez Ruiz, who recently starred in a Toyota Latino comercial, the band is rising up to being one of the most famous Selena Tribute bands.

Bevins said he originally wanted to start a tribute band that reflected his music interests like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, but after learning about the demand for a Selena tribute band he decided to take the risk.

He said he knew people were surprised that a “gringo” was creating a band to play tribute to Selena, but the eight member band has been successful in creating the Selena experience for the fans.

“We don’t claim to be Selena, we just claim she has a lot of loyal fans,” Bevins said. “We are trying to do the best and represent her the best we can, there will never be another Selena.”

He said that out of the ten current Selena tribute bands, he has trained four of the girls who impersonate Selena and adds that competition is the highest form of flattery.

Ruiz recently starred in a Camry commercial for Toyota Latino and shared the amount of work it takes to portrait Selena and her experience in the limelight.

“When it comes to Selena it’s just something that I really gotta put my heart into because it’s someone that represents the Latino community in such a big way,” Ruiz shares in the commercial.

Tickets range from $20 to $40 for The Como la Flor Band Tribute to Selena with Grupo Bronco tribute and are available online via