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Our Lady of Guadalupe unites San Diego Catholics

Created: 02 December, 2011
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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The Confederacion Guadalupana of the Diocese of San Diego will have its traditional procession of Guadalupe.

    The Virgin Mary is one of the most controversial figures in Christianity. Many Protestant denominations accuse Roman Catholics of worshiping Our Lady of Guadalupe, turning her, they say, into almost a goddess.

    But Catholics defend themselves by ensuring that the Virgin of Guadalupe is only an intercessor between them and Jesus Christ.

    Without doubt, despite the controversies, the Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which is officially celebrated on December 12, is one of the most important in the Catholic calendar, especially among Mexicans and Latin Americans, including those who reside in the United States.

    San Diego is no exception, especially because of its proximity to the border. That’s why the Confederacion Guadalupana of the Diocese of San Diego will have its traditional procession of Guadalupe on Saturday December 3 starting at 9:30 a.m., at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, located at 1528 4th Ave in downtown San Diego.

    The procession, now in its 46th year, starts at 10:00 am and ends at the San Diego Concourse. Here at 12 noon, Bishop Robert Brom and Bishop Gilberto Chavez will celebrate a Marian Mass.

    “The purpose of this procession is to unite people and promote love and devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe,” Bishop Chavez has said. “We know that we are all going through tough times and we have many challenges as part of life, but with the love of Our Lady of Guadalupe we can overcome any challenge.”

    Some 2,500 are expected to attend the event.

    For Maria del Carmen Lima, president of the Confederacion Guadalupana, the celebration unites San Diego Catholics.

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    “This is not an isolated parish celebration, but all the parishes in the diocese will be united at the same time, in the same place,” Lima said, adding that several parishes will also have the traditional mañanitas to the Virgin on December 12. “We have an opportunity to meet other parishes in our area,” she said.

    In total, some 32 parishes will participate, with a special emphasis on youth evangelism.

    “We want our young Catholics to not be ashamed of their faith, on the contrary, we want them to learn and love our traditions,” Lima said.

    As Protestant Christian denominations criticize the veneration of the Virgin, Lima said she would say a single word: “respect.”

   “There must be respect for the beliefs of each person,” she said. “I urge you not to look for differences, but seek convergences, such as our faith in Jesus Christ, as Christians that we are.”

   The mañanitas to the Virgin of Guadalupe at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral, to be held on Sunday December 11th at 5 pm, prove that the devotion to the Virgin of Tepeyac is not limited only to the Roman Catholic Church, but that it crosses denominations.

   Reverand Mary Moreno Richardson, in charge of Hispanic ministries at the cathedral, said it will be a bilingual service in honor of “the virgin who fights for the defenseless. She crossed the border with us and we celebrate her here too.”

   For more information about Proceción Guadalupana and the various celebrations in Catholic parishes in the Diocese of San Diego, visit

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