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San Diego Port District
PERSPECTIVE: Port District Exposes Its Underbelly in Censuring NC Commissioner
Inside politics of the powerful Board spills into the public with no details.
Hunter Biden
PERSPECTIVE: GOP May Soon Be Fighting to Defend Hunter Biden
Gun advocates may be uncomfortable siding with Biden.
Monica Montgomery Steppe
ENDORSEMENT: Monica Montgomery Steppe for County Supervisor
Councilwoman Montgomery Steppe is best choice to help lead County.
John McCann and Family
John McCann for Mayor of Chula Vista: Our City is Not For Sale
La Prensa San Diego joins other Latino Orgs in endorsing McCann.
PERSPECTIVE: SD Moves to Further Colonize Chula Vista
SANDAG should be an association of governments, not an oligarchy of powerful cities running roughshod over the others.
Todd Gloria
PERSPECTIVE: Gloria's Deal to Buy 101 Ash is So Bad Even Mara Elliott is Against It
The settlement includes a paragraph that declares that Elliott has given written and verbal advice to the Council to reject the agreement.
Changing Our Ways With Water
By Jerry Sanders  On June first, the City kicked off new restrictions Read more…
California Children Sentenced to Die!
By Raoul Lowery Contreras  The world watched with horror as a monstrous Read more…
An Open letter to the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Charles B. Reed, California State University System
September 15, 2009 Dear Chancellor Reed and Honorable Trustees: Let me respectfully introduce Read more…
15th Anniversary of the Wall of Death, Wall of Shame, Operation Gatekeeper
 Since October 1st 1994 and the launching of Operation Gatekeeper here in Read more…
New DHS Immigration Rules Don’t Go Far Enough
Commentary: By Angela Maria Kelley, Marshall Fitz, Gebe Martinez  When the Obama Read more…
Eight Years of Big Lies on Afghanistan
Commentary: By James Bovard  It seems like only yesterday that President George Read more…
Welcome to 2010!
Commentary: Last year ended with Hollywood’s highest box office gross ever.  The Read more…
Bye, Bye Harry
Commentary: By Raoul Lowery Contreras When Trent Lott, then the majority Leader Read more…
What’s the Solution to California’s Woes?
Empowering Independents With a New Open Primary Commentary: By Jason Olson IndependentVoice.Org Read more…
Martin Luther King and the Chicano Movement
Dr Kings legacy is alive and well in 2010 and Chicanos/Latinos were Read more…
In a “World Thinking Day” Frame of Mind
Commentary: Editor’s Note: The University of Arizona Wildcats hosted Los Angeles State Read more…
Hispanics Blindsided By Obama
Commentary: By Raoul Lowery Contreras Here we go again, the President is Read more…
Through the Lens of the Mujer
Latina filmmakers advance minority female voice in the U.S. narrative Commentary: By Read more…
SB 1070: A Little Bit of History Repeating
Commentary: By Alicia Menendez    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is poised to Read more…
“We’re not little anymore!” Commentary: By Herman Baca President, Committee on Chicano Read more…
Duncan D. Hunter inherits his father’s ignorance posing danger to Constitution
Commentary: By Patrick Osio    Ignorance is a sad state that stops Read more…
Cut From the Top
 Commentary: By Willie L. Pelote, Sr.    The recent controversy over the Read more…
The Incarceration of Carlos Alberto Torres
After 30 Years in Prison, the Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Will Be Read more…
The Philosophical Foundation for Raza Studies
or What State Officials Don’t Want Arizona School Children To Know Commentary: Read more…
We Are Spirit
We are confident we will easily win against the forces of fear, Read more…
City of Chula Vista: Utility User’s Tax – a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
Commentary: By Ed Herrera    The City of Chula Vista is proposing Read more…
The Chorus: The Right Will Not Go Away
I know enough about history to know who my enemies are and Read more…