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Running for the South Bay Irrigation District

Created: 17 August, 2012
Updated: 26 July, 2022
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Running for public office is not a decision that I have taken lightly. I wanted you, our readers, to know firsthand that I have filed papers to run as a candidate for the South Bay Irrigation District, Seat 3, representing the Sweetwater Authority Water District. Some close friends and family have expressed surprise and others have asked me what has motivated me to run, so in the next few paragraphs I will share with you my thoughts as to why I am running for office.

In the past, many people have noted my keen interest in politics and public service and have asked me to run for one office or another. But I have always discouraged this talk, I have enough on my plate as it is. However, for the South Bay Irrigation District seat, several individuals came to me and noted that I live in District 3, represented by Jose Preciado. They urged me to challenge the seat and run Jose out of office because they see him as a bully, an intimidator, and a person who uses his position to threaten others.

I have known Jose for many years. He is indeed a bully and he does try to intimidate others. He is rude to those whom he doesn’t like and he has tried in the past to bully and intimidate me. When he tried to be a kingmaker and get his buddies elected to the board a couple of years ago, I opposed those efforts because they weren’t about good governance or good people getting elected. Jose was playing partisan politics, seeking control, and more power for himself. Thank goodness that all three of his candidates lost, and lost badly.

For this election, I have the support of three of the current water board members: Terry Thomas, Margaret Welsh, and National City Mayor and Water Board member, Ron Morrison. I have the support of many prominent local Democrats, but I also have Republican support in this non-partisan race. The incumbent Jose Preciado has such an acrimonious relationship with so many citizens, Sweetwater Authority employees, and elected officials that it doesn’t take much to persuading for me to earn support.

Jose Preciado is not about good government, not about supporting good Hispanics or Democrats, he is all about Jose. He throws many stones and has little regard for other people’s time or taxpayer money.

As the editor of La Prensa San Diego, I have had a 36 year interest in good politics, of standing on principles, of fighting for the rights of the Hispanic community, and of making the sacrifices and decisions necessary to continue publishing.
As a homeowner in Chula Vista, I understand the problems of raising a family, trying to conserve water and expenses, while at the same time maintaining a nice yard with fruit trees and home grown vegetables. I pledge to always think of the financial struggles and future needs of the customers of the Sweetwater Authority.

I have been active in my children’s education and have served on the Hilltop Elementary School Site Counsel for three years. I have volunteered to serve on the Economic Development Commission for the City of Chula Vista. I serve on the State’s Small Business Tax Advisory Board to give a small businessman’s perspective on the impact and the future of our taxes. I serve on the Board of Directors of Neighborhood House Association, focusing on the education of our children and early Head Start programs.

I work with Democrats, Republicans, and all other political parties, and I base my relationships not on party affiliations but on the best interest of the community. Partisan politics has done nothing but drive a wedge in our society and it is time for communities to come together and work together toward the common good of all the people.

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I believe that an elected water board member is there to represent the residents and homeowners of the district to ensure safe, reliable services to the customers while maintaining the lowest water cost possible. I would maintain my integrity by not accepting excessive per diem pay for attending street fairs or community events. In 2010, during the height of the economic collapse, Jose Preciado collected over $12,500 in per diem pay while customers struggled to make ends meet. Further, Preciado often arrives very late and leaves as early as possible from these events, while still collecting a full $150 check for each appearance.

Bullies are not tolerated in our schools and they should not be tolerated with our elected officials. I am willing to take a stand against Jose Preciado and return civility back to the South Bay Irrigation District. This is important to me and I know it is important to the community.

Daniel H. Muñoz

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