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Created: 10 February, 2012
Updated: 20 April, 2022
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 Chula Vista civic group Crossroads canceled their long running Third Thursday Breakfast meeting, to have it revived by Councilwoman Pat Aguilar and repositioned as Pat Aguilar’s Breakfast Open Office Hours to be held every Third Thursday… This could raise some ethic questions… especially if invites are only generated via Crossroads email list….

Scott Peters who is running for congress scored a coupe when he received the support of several Latinos including Lorena Gonzalez of the AFL-CIO, Assemblyman Ben Huseo, candidate Mary Salas, CV councilman Steve Castaneda, and the Chicano Democratic Association…. the only thing is we don’t remember Peters ever doing anything for the Hispanic community when he was SD city council person… hell we went on his web site and we didn’t see him mention Hispanic community once… we wonder what the criteria was to earn those endorsements….

Lori Saldana, who is in the same race as Peters, is Hispanic and supportive of the Hispanic community when she served in the assembly, seemingly this wasn’t good enough…

Mateo Camarillo who is half Filipino and Mexican, has decided to run for the district 9 seat. This is the district that he carved out that is supposed to a Hispanic power house… unfortunately no Hispanic saw it this way and none file to run… Mateo is out to prove them all wrong…..

Bob Castaneda, older brother of CV city councilman Steve Castaneda, has taken out papers to run the CV city council, running for the seat held by Pamela Bensoussan

The Arizona Supreme Court recently ended the political career of Alejandrina Cabrera who wanted to run for city council in the border town of San Luis, AZ, because she no habla English good enough. Then again most of the residents of San Luis no habla English…. Still you have got to know English if you are going to run for office…

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