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Created: 29 October, 2010
Updated: 26 July, 2022
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Governor of California – Jerry Brown
The office for governor is no place for on the job training. We choose experience over good intentions. 

Lieutenant Governor – Gavin Newsom
Gavin Newsom, as mayor of San Francisco, demonstrated a commitment of the immigrant community with this support of the city’s sanctuary status. A sympathetic voice in the capital, even in this mostly symbolic office, for immigrants is a good thing. 

Secretary of State – Debra Bowen
The incumbent has earned for more years in office. 

Controller – John Chiang
Through the tough economic turmoil and when the Governor wanted to pay minimum wage to state employees Chiang stood tall and protected the employees from these drastic measures. For this and other reasons we recommend Chiang’s re-election. 

Treasurer – Bill Lockyer
Here again we will go with experience, Lockyer has done a good job and deserves another four years. 

Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones 

State superintended to public education – Larry Aceves
Two quality candidates running for this office, Tom Torlakson and Aceves. Torlakson comes with a political background while Aceves comes with an education background. In this instance we support the candidate with the academic background – Aceves. 

U.S. Senate – Barbara Boxer
From what we have seen Carly Fiorina hasn’t shown anything that makes her a credible choice for office. We will once again go with experience over a novice. 

United States Representative; District 50 – Francine Busby
Brian Bilbray is a xenophobic politician who blames immigration for all that ails the country and his unashamed association with special interest groups such as FAIR anti-immigrant group. It is time to replace Bilbray. 

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United States Representative: District 51 – Bob Filner  

United States Representative: District 53 – Susan Davis 

State Assembly:
74th Assembly District: Crystal Crawford
78th Assembly District: Marty Block 

Proposition 19: Yes
The war on drugs is a failure. The use of marijuana is on the rise and the cartels are in control within much of Mexico. Legalizing the use of marijuana will not solve all the problems but it is a good first step in a new direction. To keep going down the same failed road makes no sense. 

Proposition 20: Yes
The political system is a mess in part because of “safe districts.” Politicians can act with impunity, with the knowledge that in their “safe district” they will get re-elected. This needs to change for the sake of good government. 

Proposition 21: No
A special tax on car licenses is the wrong way to go to fund parks and recs.  No new taxes during an economic crisis for the voters. The people of the state are not a bottomless piggy bank that special interest can keep dipping into to fund their projects. 

Proposition 22: No
The state has few resources during a budget crisis to manage the situation and eliminating one of them is not the right way to go. 

Proposition 23: No
Prop 23 is about corporate greed. Controlling air pollution is one of the things that the governor and state legislatures have gotten right over the years.  Prop 23 only satisfies corporate greed. 

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Proposition 24: Yes
Prop 24 is about undoing tax law changes between the governor and the legislatures for business so that they can reduce the amount of taxes paid. This is good for business but bad for the general budget, in particular bad for education which has had to bear the brunt of balancing the budget seeing education funding cut. A yes vote means more money for education. 

Proposition 25: Yes
Getting a state budget passed has gotten to the point that we now need this proposition. State legislatures no longer know how to act in the best interest of the state by putting aside their partisan politics. The minority party now holds the state budget hostage until one is passed that solves nothing, which is what we have had to endure the last several years. It is time for a change. 

Proposition 26: No
The fees that this proposition would hope eliminate, serve the communities best interest such as recycling programs and health care programs. These fees are charged to companies that help to create the problems. If a company is a part of the problem then they should be a part of the solution. 

Proposition 27: No
Propostion 27 looks to undue an independent body created to draw legislative seats in the state even before this body has not had an opportunity to do their job. Let’s give this independent body a chance before it gets dismantled, they can’t do any worse than what the state legislatures have done in the past! 

City of Escondido:
For City Council we Recommend: Carmen Miranda and Jason Everitt 

City of San Diego: 

Council Member; City of San Diego; Council District 6 – Howard Wayne 

For City Council, District 8 we Recommend: David Alvarez  

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Proposition B: No
Micro managing at its worst. Ties the hands of the elected City Attorney from firing Deputy City Attorneys and hiring new deputy attorneys.  

Proposition D: No
If financial reforms are met, a Temporary One-Half Cent Sales Tax for the residents of San Diego, this is a joke right? For financial reforms to be instituted we have to dangle a carrot in front of city leaders to get them moving on financial reforms? What if the measure doesn’t pass, what then, there will be no financial reform? The city is in deep financial trouble because past city council members played fast and loose with pension funds and now they want the taxpayer to bail them out. In the meantime taxpayers continue to suffer the affects of an economic upheaval with no cost of living increases, much less pay raises, and many are now without a job, yet our city leaders want to tax them even more. If we know politicians, once they get the money you can kiss reforms good bye, or at the very least put on the back burner.  

Proposition J: No
Prop J, San Diego Unified School District, is nothing more than a double taxation. Homeowners already pay taxes for education and this is nothing more than yet another tax on top of this. We all know times are tough but taxing the residents even more is not the way to go.  

County of San Diego:  

Proposition A: No
Nowhere in County rules does it say that the Board of Supervisors has to agree with PLAs (Project Labor Agreements) still despite this the Board put this measure on the ballot to make sure that the issue never comes up. This is viewed as an anti-union ploy after the union put term limits on the last ballot and won. This proposition is about the County Board getting back at the unions. Kind of petty and shouldn’t even be on the ballot.  

Supervisor; County of San Diego; Supervisorial District 4 – Stephen Whitburn
Ron Roberts has served for the past 15 years and it has come time for some new blood.   

Supervisor; County of San Diego; Supervisorial District 5 – Steve Gronke
Bill Horn is an embarrassment to the county, yet he still gets re-elected despite his well documented short comings. Let’s hope the voters in District 5 have woken up and vote this bore out of office.  

Assessor/Recorder/Clerk; County of San Diego – David L. Butler
Both candidates are qualified with Butler serving in this department for 34 years. His opponent has had a long political career and says all the right things but this is not your typical political type position, it is a glorified Bureaucratic position and we have a bit a problem when a person such as Ernie Dronenburg lends himself over $100,000 for a race that rarely draws any attention. Droneburg is a senior citizen who lives in Fallbrook on a farm. He should stay retired.  

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National City:
For Mayor: Ron Morrison
For City Council: Mona Rios and Ditas Yamane 

City of Chula Vista:
Proposition H we Recommend a NO Vote 

School Boards 

Trustee; San Diego Unified School District; Trustee Area B – Kevin Beiser 

Trustee; San Diego Unified School District; Trustee Area C – John De Beck 

Board Member; Sweetwater Union High School District; Seat 1 – Karen Janney 

Board Member; Sweetwater Union High School District; Seat 3 – Hector Rivera.
John McCann is running for this seat and is the presumed frontrunner. We need to remind voters that McCann when running for State Assembly followed the Republican line on being anti –immigrant using immigration as a wedge issue to polarize the community against Hispanics. This type of backward thinking won’t work in a school district whose majority is Hispanic. 

Board Member; Sweetwater Union High School District; Seat 5 – No Recommendation
Intially we had endorsed Andy Valencia for this seat, but after recent events of drinking and getting into a fight at 1 am is a question character and maturity. We have decided to make a no recommendation in this race 

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Board Member; Chula Vista Elementary School District; Seat 1 – Douglas E. Luffborough, III 

Board Member; Chula Vista Elementary School District; Seat 3 – Francisco “Pancho” Sevilla  

Board Member; Chula Vista Elementary School District; Seat 5 – No Recommendation  

Board Member; National Elementary School District (3 Elected):
We recommend: Brian D. Clapper, Ted A. Godshalk, and Rosalie “Rosie” Alvarado  

Board Member; South Bay Union Elementary School District (3 Elected):
We recommend: Josie Dorado, Elvia F. Aguilar, and B. D. Howard  

Board Member; San Ysidro Elementary School District (3 Elected):
We recommend: Jean A. Romero, Yolanda M. Hernandez, and Jason M-B. Wells 

 Southwestern Community College School Board:
We Recommend: Yolanda Salcido and Terri Valladolid 

Water Boards 

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South Bay Irrigation District Division 1: Bud Pocklington 

South Bay Irrigation District Division 4: Terry Thomas 

Otay Water District Division 1: Chris Shilling

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