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Bye, Bye Harry

Created: 15 January, 2010
Updated: 26 July, 2022
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By Raoul Lowery Contreras

When Trent Lott, then the majority Leader of the senate and a Southern Republican patrician  stupidly declared that the country would have been better off had former hard core segregationist Presidential candidate Strom Thurmond been elected President in 1948, this writer demanded he resign from his leadership position. He did.

Now we know that current majority leader Harry Reid, Nevada’s senior Senator, has privately manifested his Mormon views that Barack Obama could – in 2007 – run and win the Presidency because he was and is “light skinned” and didn’t speak “Negro dialect unless he wants to.”

Should he resign? Yes, he should.

But not because he continues to reflect Mormon anti-black attitudes that have traditionally infested the Mormon Church, but because he is virulently stupid and uses his office of Majority Leader to inculcate the embarrassment of no comprehensive immigration reform into our way of life and law. The man apparently seethes with anti-Hispanic hate. Why else would he block immigration reform that primarily benefits Hispanics, mostly Mexican? Is he personally hateful of Hispanics or just a paid whore of the labor union movement which itself his virulently anti-Hispanic, particularly anti-Mexican.

Consider that many craft unions have traditionally prohibited Hispanics from membership. Consider the number of Hispanics on the AFL/CIO Executive Committee (two out of 35?).

On immigration, Harry Reid has reincarnated the traditional WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) attitude towards immigrants to the nth degree. While Mormonism is not mainstream WASP, it is an outgrowth of it and is certainly not Roman Catholic, Jewish or Eastern in origin.

Almost a hundred years ago, congressional WASPS plus a WASP President decided that there were far too many “Hebes”(Jewish), “Wops and Greasers” (Italians and Sicilians) in and continuing to enter the country. What they did, then, is one of the most egregious acts of ethnic bigotry ever experienced in the country outside the official Democratic Party’s Jim Crow policies that hobbled American blacks for almost a century.

With no former Eastern or Southern European immigrants or their sons in Congress the 99-percent WASP Congress (one black Republican) passed a law restricting immigration into the U.S. from countries by relating their quotas to their percentage of the population in 1890 when there were hardly any Italians, Sicilians or Eastern European Jews in the country. Immigration from Catholic and Jewish Europe dried up.

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Harry Reid is the embodiment of that WASP Congress in 1923-24. Instead, however, of passing restrictive laws, he has schemed with organized labor to make sure that comprehensive immigration reform simply doesn’t pass the Congress. He blindsided President Bush’s attempt along with Senators McCain and Kennedy to pass such a bill by having his minions introduce hundreds of amendments to the original McCain/Kennedy bill that contained nothing but “poison pills” designed by the AFL/CIO to kill the bill.

By the way, his “light-skinned” and non “negro” speaking Barack Obama voted for poison pill amendments that helped kill immigration reform, so Harry is not alone, he is joined by Obama.

Today, Harry Reid stands in the way of comprehensive immigration bills by stopping Senator Charles Schumer from introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that not only includes some form of legalization for illegals presently here but a guest worker program that all by itself would eliminate 95 or more percent of future illegal alien problems. Why, because Labor doesn’t want such a bill.

His partner in crime in the House, Nancy Pelosi, who is dumber than a palm tree has also blocked attempts to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill by stating that she and her House colleagues will not entertain such a bill until the Senate passes a bill. The senate can’t pass a bill because Harry Reid won’t allow it, thus, Nancy Pelosi and her shaky House majority won’t have to face an important effort to modernize immigration and the mess continues.

In other words, the shots are called by the labor unions through their puppets Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. There will be no comprehensive immigration bill that includes legalization and a work permit program, thus there will be nothing.

Thanks, Harry.

No wonder all three potential Republican candidates planning to run against him are beating him in the polls. No wonder Harry only has a 30 percent favorable rating and has 52 percent of his constituents voicing their disapproval of him.

Thanks Harry. Bye, bye Harry.

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