Electoral College Officially Elects Joe Biden to be Next POTUS

Electoral College Officially Elects Joe Biden to be Next POTUS

Created: 14 December, 2020
Last update: 27 July, 2022

By Sandra G. Leon

Nearly six weeks after the November 3rd election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can now officially be called President-Elect and Vice-President-Elect of the United States.

On Monday, Electors from each state met in their respective Capitals to cast their votes in the Electoral College, a usually obscure process that took on more significance this year after weeks of President Trump and his allies arguing that the election was fraudulent and trying to overturn the outcome.

Electors from each Party are selected earlier in the year and stand ready to cast their votes for the winner of each state’s popular vote.

In California, since Biden and Harris won the popular vote, Democratic Party Electors were allowed to cast their votes in the Capitol Building on Monday.  The electors were appointed by each Democratic congressional district primary election winner, as well as by the two sitting US Senators that are both Democrats.

In all states, electors from the respective party of the candidate that won that state’s popular vote was allowed to cast his or her vote.

But in a few states that Donald Trump continues to argue he won although the results have been certified for Biden, some Republican politicians and “alternate Electors” attempted to force their way into Capitol Buildings to cast electoral votes.

In Michigan, several Republican officials and members of an “alternate slate” of Electors intending were barred entry to the state’s Capitol building by Michigan State Police troopers Monday while Democratic Electors were already casting their votes.

By Monday night, all 538 Electors from each state and the three votes from the District of Columbia (D.C.) had cast their votes. In the end, the total was 306 Electoral votes for Joe Biden, and 232 votes for Donald Trump. A majority of 270 is needed to win.

In terms of popular vote, Joe Biden received 81,283,485 votes to Donald Trump’s 74,223,746 votes. Biden received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history, and Trump, although having lost the election, received the most votes of any incumbent president ever.

More overall people voted in this election than in any other before, but there are also 6 million more people in the US this year than in 2016.

Another factor often forgotten is that two third-party candidates in 2016 received nearly 6 million votes between them, keeping both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from surpassing 50% of the vote.

In 2020, the two highest third-party candidates in the General Election only received about 2.2 million votes, allowing Joe Biden to end up winning 51.3% of the vote to Trump’s 46.9%.

The Presidential Inauguration will be held on January 20, 2021 when Joe Biden will be sworn-in as the 46th President of the United States.