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Ethnic Fascism

Created: 24 September, 2010
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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   Imagine my surprise Tuesday morning (14 September) when I walked into the lobby of the finest hotel in the civilized world, Las Vegas’ Belaggio Hotel, and heard the sound of trumpets. There stood eight Mexican musicians, seven men and one woman dressed in immaculate white mariachi costumes playing their hearts out.

   Hundreds of people stood around listening to their boisterous rendition of “Guadalajara” and “Malagueña Salerosa” applauding enthusiastically. Many of the audience were from Asia, Europe and South America hearing, perhaps, Mexican mariachis for the first time. Some danced to the music, all appreciated it.

   I loved it!

   Though a few hours early, Mexican Independence Day was upon us; this is the Bi-Centennial of the start of a dozen years of bloodletting that started at midnight September 15th, 1810, when a Catholic priest, Father Miguel Hidalgo shouted “Death to Bad Government” to his flock of Indians and mestizos which took its cue and rushed out of the church and attacked the hated Spaniards that kept real Mexicans in a state of semi-slavery.

   The words “real Mexicans” are critical to understanding why after 300 years Mexico revolted against Spain. The Spanish called themselves “Peninsulares” if they were born in Spain and labeled their Mexico-born off-spring “Creoles.” Those with Spanish and Indian blood were called “mestizos;” Black and Indian, “zambas.” In all, the Spanish had 32 different racial classifications with the majority indigenous Indian the lowest.

   If not for this ethnic and racial fascism of Spain’s Father Hidalgo might never have sparked the War of Independence. Mexico might have continued a Spanish colony like Puerto Rico, Cuba or Spanish-Morocco for decades or centuries longer.

   Ethnic fascism or narcissism, if you will, led to Spain’s downfall and in view of the growing Hispanic American population may eventually topple the United States of America. This ethnic fascism manifests itself in many of the shrinking white American population which is hysterical about immigration, legal and illegal; in particular, of course, legal and illegal immigration from Mexico.

   Arizona’s current attempts to harass and jail American citizens of Mexican origin exemplify this hysteria as are failed similar attempts by towns like Hazelton, PA and Farmer’s Branch, Texas, towns in Nebraska and even in the heart of the original Spanish and Mexican California, San Diego County. In the 100,000 population city of Escondido they tried an ordinance that restricted business and rentals to people who could not prove legal residency.

   So far not a single American city, town or state has been able to enforce an unconstitutional law against people who may or may not be in the U.S. legally. Federal courts have stopped all such efforts starting with their destruction of California’s blatantly illegal Proposition 187 that whites and blacks so enthusiastically voted for and passed by a million votes in 1994.

   The new Arizona law – SB1070 – was enjoined before it went into effect by Federal Judge Susan Bolton. The sections she enjoined will never see the light of day. Within the past few days, Hazelton’s anti-illegal alien law was buried by the 3rd Circuit probably for good.

   Will these efforts continue despite federal courts squashing them all so far? Yes, because the efforts are spearheaded by ethnic fascists in the form of Dr. John Tanton and his myriad hate groups like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR) and his hate publication, “Social Contract” and his NumbersUSA. His lawyer is failed political candidate Yale-educated Kris Kobach.

   Kobach wrote and quarterbacked the anti-illegal alien laws in Hazelton, Farmer’s Branch and Arizona. He is batting .000 in the courts.White Ethnic fascism has many adherents, certainly, but it cannot dominate in the long term. Proposition 187 would never pass today in California for the votes simply aren’t there any longer. Angry whites decamped from the Golden State and went to Idaho (former LA cop and perjurer Mark Fuhrman, for example) and other states carrying California wealth with them. Mexican Americans now are the largest group in California after thousands upon thousands of them exchanged their “green cards” for American citizenship.

   As much as 20 percent – one in five – of the American military’s Combat Arms are Mexican American. They fought in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan while ethnic white fascists like John Tanton or Kris Kobach never served a minute in the military. Will they countenance ethnic fascists and their stupid attempts to rule by unconstitutional laws? No!

   Celebration of Mexican Independence Day freaks out white ethnic fascists. Knowledgeable Americans know, however, that real Mexicans and Mexican Americans died in the American Revolution, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan.

   They’ve paid their dues. 1810 Mexicans looked to American Independence as their model; we should applaud people who use us as models.