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Good news coming out of the Charger camp, finally!

Created: 24 May, 2013
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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Finally it seems like there is some positive movement coming out of Charger Park. It seems that over the last few months all we seemed to read about was the weekly exodus of Charger talent relocating to rivals around the league.

I think the draft was very good for the first time in a long time for the Chargers. Here are a few of the topics that could become important.

Max Starks — I love this pick-up from the Steelers. Starks was a 16 game starter for the Steelers last year at left tackle and has started most of his career. Unlike the disaster of Jared Gaither last year, Starks is a real player that plays week in and week out in a brutal division, in brutal weather and a football crazy town.

Melvin Ingram’s knee injury- I will say this but don’t really mean it…..Yet, but I am starting to be reminded of Larry English. Ingram’s rookie season wasn’t exactly a break out with just one sack, and now he will miss his entire second season. I think at this point I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He did start a couple games and was a productive run stopper (English has been neither), but let’s be honest – the Chargers didn’t draft him 18th overall to play the run.

Te’o-just when I thought the over hyped player dominating the headlines was over with the release of Tim Tebow, here comes Manti Te’o. To me this is just another over hyped defensive player out of Notre Dame. I can assure, aside from the obvious cultural resemblance, he isn’t even in the same universe as Junior Seau, but 99% of the players out there aren’t so we won’t hold that against him. What we will is the way he was dominated in the national Championship as well as many disappearing acts in many games last season. Add the 4.88 40 yard time at the combine and you have the formula for a below average NFL player.

Dwight Freeney — I can’t decide on this one for a few reasons. Obviously with the loss of Shaun Phillips, Antwan Barnes, Melvin Ingram and the lack of anything from Larry English, it left the Chargers in a desperate position. So was Freeney the answer? Probably not- Freeney was the dominate pass-rusher in the league for pretty much the last decade. But, as with all players, as his numerical age increased, his numerical stats decreased. The move from a turf dome to outdoor grass can be viewed as good on an older player, but ultimately a running back or pass rusher that is used to and has spent his career on turf does not transition well to grass. It’s slower and doesn’t allow the same leverage for defensive players.

Slower playing surface along with slower with his age translates into don’t expect the same Dwight Freeney that you have seen in a Colts uniform.

I didn’t really touch on D.J. Fluker because I actually consider him a can’t miss pick. I don’t really think taking part in Mini Camp and volunteer workouts without a contract a big deal , I did it when I was drafted being taken out of Philadelphia and put in the Hanalei (now the Crown Plaza) was reward enough for me at the time. Keenan Allen wearing a Raider hat is actually considered news? Come on, they interrupted my Jodi Aries coverage to tell me that a 3rd round draft pick was wearing a different teams hat and it was a team that hasn’t been relevant since Apollo Creed was Champion.

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As with everything in life- only time will tell.

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