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Innocent or Guilty: In the DNA Profile Gotcha Game It No Longer Matters

Created: 30 November, 2011
Updated: 20 April, 2022
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Forensic DNA Database Expansion: Growing Racial Inequities, Eroding Civil Liberties and Diminishing Returns, a new report released by Generations Ahead, illustrates how communities of color, immigrants, and youth have become ensnared in a forensic dragnet of local, state, and federal DNA database collection programs.  Despite the growing public demand for a fair, accurate criminal justice system, these databases have exacerbated racial inequities in the criminal justice system. 

Imagine finding yourself handcuffed and being led to the back seat of a patrol car. It could happen. A broken brake light, several unpaid parking tickets, a protest march against the latest injustice plaguing your community, or maybe an afternoon cigarette break on a park bench could lead to being processed at the nearest county jail. Guilty or innocent, the DNA sample and profile that you leave behind may led to life-altering circumstances.  

For more about this topic go to where you can view the report and rsvp for the December 7th webinar.

Featured speakers include Sujatha Jesudason, PhD, Executive Director, Generations Ahead, Michael Risher, ACLU Northern California Staff Attorney and Martina Ortega, Managing Director, Generations Ahead. 

Generations Ahead brings diverse communities together to expand the public debate and promote policies on genetic technologies that protect human rights and affirm our shared humanity. 

Blogs about the topic have been published at (link here) and RaceTalk (link here.)