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The Interzone Art Festival: Free art for all!

Created: 18 September, 2009
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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 In this day and age where residents of both Californias are learning to live on a budget, a new art festival comes to Tijuana and San Diego in search of giving everyone a change to enjoy art no matter what age or wallet size.

 Interzone Tijuana Festival comes alive for the third year, and this year, it will be host to about 40 artistic activities that are totally free; including music concerts, plays, poetry readings, movie premiers, documentaries, photo exhibits and conferences all coming to this border starting September 18th trough the 26th.

 Some of the most expected appearances are the that of Regina Orozco, singer, writer and comedian, who will open the festival in a free concert Friday September 18th at Casa de la Cultura Garden; and 60’s folksinger and song writer Oscar Chavez, who will host a free concert at Centro Cultural Tijuana on Saturday September 19th.

 The festival also salutes classic rock by hosting two rock legends; Botellita de Jerez and Maldita Vecindad, but also gives a chance to emerging local talents, with concerts by  Lady Bombon and the Fake Cuban Orchestra, who will play at music venues at famous Revolution Street.

 The interzone festival is looking to create a special connection with the San Diego public by including a photographic exhibit called “crossing the border” at the Puerta Mexico adjacent to San Ysidro Port of entry, so San Diego visitors can enjoy it as they come to Tijuana.

 San Diego residents will also be able to enjoy the unique clasic music ensemble Cor-azon de Piedra Verde, will give a free concert Saturday 26th at 5 pm at the Balboa Park Spreckles Organ Pavilion.

 Making a clear distinction from other art festivals across the border, the Interzone festival is not confined to one space or area of the city of Tijuana, but instead wishes to “bounce” off the different spaces; from the well known to the unknown, from the very local to the main tourist attractions.

 One clear exemple of this is the fact that many concerts are being done at Le Drug Store, a new venue in the heart of Revolution Street that once almost forgotten by the American tourists, is now being taken back by locals.

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 “How could we let a space like this go to waste” said Cesar Alejo, one of the people who recently enjoyed an independent film festival at Le Drugstore, “it has incredible marble floors, high ceilings and great windows with a view of the city…”.

 The Interzone festival comes with a special surprise to those who follow Mexican theater: Jesusa Rodriguez, will come to represent one of the gratest plays in Mexican history, “Primero Sueño” Wednesday September 23th at Art Gallery Triludiko (Av. Television #911 de la Colonia Juarez).

 For more information and a detailed calendar of events, you can visit; or

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