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La Prensa San Diego Test Drives the Chevy Traverse

Created: 02 August, 2018
Updated: 19 April, 2022
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La Prensa SD Staff

Thanks to an invitation extended to La Prensa San Diego’s staff, we flew to Chevrolet’s 2018 Crossover Road Show in Denver, an opportunity for media to experience first-hand what new innovations the Detroit-based automaker is bringing to market this year.

As part of our participation at the event, we were presented with a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse to test out and comment on.

With a full weekend of driving Chevy’s newest take on the crossover, we walked away with a very positive experience of the Traverse.

Performance wise, the Traverse can handle whatever road conditions you can encounter. This vehicle handles extremely well and can even feel as responsive as a sedan despite being a larger-class vehicle. Even while driving on somewhat rough asphalt and through tight curves, making these turns felt very stable.

Driving on the highway from the outdoor activity hub town of Buena Vista to Denver, the vehicle’s V6 engine fared well with gas efficiency and allowed us to zoom up steep mountain roads, though this is not a car that roars for speed.

Features for city driving include front bumper alerts, side view mirror alerts, and bumper cameras on both ends, all of which were useful and of great aid for remaining aware of the road.

Passengers onboard the Traverse will have nothing to complain about with ample leg room throughout. Seats are comfortable and treated with water and stain repellent. Air conditioning cools quickly and can be customized for passengers in the second and third rows.

The central console features a robust software suite, featuring both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a potent built-in wifi antenna for up to seven devices, and multiple USB chargers to power tablets and phones.

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While one can tell technology and software plays a major part in the Traverse experience, the system’s native navigation program could use some improvements in recommending roads as projected driving conditions change, this can be easily fixed with an update.

Although we packed light for this trip — with just one carry-on piece for all three of our team members — space would not have been an issue had we brought gear for a month out in Colorado. The traverse can accommodate for a total 99 cubic feet of cargo volume, easily surpassing Ford and Honda’s competitor models, and even outsizing Chevrolet’s Tahoe full-size SUV’s cargo space of 95 cubic feet.

    Our score: 4/5

On the road, the Traverse has a very reliable feel and is extremely stable even in the dizzying curves of the Colorado Rockies. Some speed demons might not be satisfied by its acceleration and speed but this is not a vehicle that looks to excel in that rubric.

Our positive experience aboard the Traverse was largely dictated by how comfortable it is to drive and ride in.

Despite the long trips to some destinations, there was no need for us to shimmy around for an extra inch of leg room. Multiple USB ports and the built-in antenna allowed us to never go without signal and charge during our drive.

While we did not have the need to use up the entirety of the cargo space, or seat anyone in third-row seats, we assessed that families can make the most out of such a vehicle’s interior, whether it’s making sure there’s enough space for all the kids or fitting in a large grocery haul from wholesale retailers.

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While we did not have access to the full Marketplace software suite, being able to order meals and coffee from your vehicle is a great convenience for those in a tight schedule. Options allowing connectivity for devices on any major mobile operating system ensure any driver isn’t locked out of the crossover’s dashboard connectivity.

The outstanding high points heavily outweigh the small drawbacks which we observed in the Traverse. Those in the market for a crossover vehicle, or even a large sedan or SUV, should consider this model among their primary options.

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