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Latino Republicans at a Crossroad

Created: 08 October, 2010
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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   Being Latino and Republican today is almost as difficult as it was during the Prop. 187 era. Maybe the only thing harder is to be gay and a Log Cabin Republican.

   I did support Clinton over Bob Dole, a decent man but who was pulled to the right by the extreme element in the GOP. His Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp stated that Proposition 187 “compromises the soul of the Republican Party”.

   The problem with the GOP is that the GOP is going through a political purge. One of the first casualties was Charlie Crist in Florida. Crist was being considered as a vice presidential candidate during McCain’s run.

   After many years as a loyal Republican he was dumped in favor of Marco Rubio, the Tea Bagger candidate. Marco initially opposed the Arizona Law and then caved in after the Tea Baggers told him how to think. Marco believes in English only. Yet he runs adds in Spanish. ¡Joder que Ostia!

   It is now a pitched battle between what the Tea Baggers call RINO’S (Republican in Name Only) the fringe elements are trying and succeeding to take over the GOP. RINO’S such as me should be proclaimed and endangered species. Sarah Palin and her Mama Grizzlies are locked and loaded. RUN RINO’S RUN!!!!

   Crist actually had the good sense to support the TARP program (a Bush proposal).

   He also had the good sense to support the bail out of City Corp and AIG. He supported the help that was given to GM so they and their WORKERS and all of their subcontractors could stay EMPLOYED.

   I have been an investor since I was 18. I remember I bought PE Philadelphia Electric and Saxon Industries. (A huge investment of $1,500). My broker was Weeks Hemphill and Noyes who no one remembers. I worked at Merrill Lynch and Prudential Bache during the 70’s and 80’s.

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   I know the markets and in September of 2008 the markets froze. It was 1929 all over again. If no TARP and no “bailout” the country would have been financially nuked.

   Yes AIG, GM and City were too big to fail.

   The Federal Government will make billions of dollars profit on City Bank.

   The truth is that without Bush, Bernanke (head of the FED) and Obama we would be selling pencils and apples on street corners. As a nation we went to the edge of falling into an abyss.

   Sean Hannity, who in March of 2009 blamed the stock market lows on Obama, is not giving him credit for the best September in 71 years in stock market history. Obama could split the Red Sea and walk on water and Hannity would say that he raised dead Al Queda members and that he split the sea at Universal Studios. Hannity is a whore.

   In Delaware, a long-standing Republican Mike Castle — a decent man, a loyal member of the GOP — was defeated by Tea-bagging Christine O’Donnell. Watch her on YOUTUBE claiming that there are mice with fully functional human brains.

   She also claims to have been privy to classified information in a 2006 radio debate. Classified information? Did she have a security clearance? This Bimbo a security clearance? I don’t think so.

   Karl Rove had the audacity to challenge the Tea Party and Hannity, Michell Malkin and Palin went after him. The logic no matter how nutty YOU MUST support our Tea Baggers or you are out of the GOP.

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   Castle’s sin he voted on several occasions with Democrats therefore he committed a sin by not towing the Tea line.

   John McCain a hero. At the twilight of his life, he was forced to betray everything he ever stood for. John McCain hero, maverick supporter of comprehensive immigration reform (Remember McCain- Kennedy) was forced by the Tea Party to betray himself. A proud maverick now claims he was never a maverick… So sad… He should have gone out a proud RINO.

   Next to be purged is Mitt Romney as he supported state-sponsored health care and of course — AAAARRRRRGGGGHHH — he is a Mormon. The Tea Baggers will never support a Mormon. When Obama and Romney were running for President 16% said that they would not vote for Obama because he was black.

   Due to him being Mormon over 30 % said they would not vote for him. Rick Perry the Governor of Texas will be purged because he does not support the Arizona Law. Watch out Jeb Bush.

   In New York, we are running a candidate (Paladino) who threatened to take out the Political Editor of the New York Post.

   In Nevada (Sharron Angle) we are running a candidate who thinks the unemployed are lazy. Sharron I know unemployed people they are not lazy.

   I know Santiago from Guatemala who at 60 is working part time construction jobs in the Valley where temperatures have been as high as 118 after working for a sugar company for 14 years.

   I know Geraldo. A Cuban who due to his age no one will hire after working 25 years for a company.

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   The GOP Tea Party wants tax cuts for the top 2%. Yet they oppose the extension of unemployment benefits for the 99’ers who have exhausted their unemployment benefits. I am a Republican. I don’t know anyone in the top 2%. But I do know Santiago and Geraldo.

   What you are seeing in the GOP is the rise of the extreme right wing of the Party. The worst anti-immigrant proposals are all coming from the GOP. AB1070…Barry Wong. A real American…(Wong where are the fortune cookies) wants to cut off utilities to the undocumented.

   Typical Tea Party GOP primary line. I hate illegals. No you don’t I hate them and their children. I even hate their grandparents. The Arizona Law. This is an embarrassment to us moderate RINO Republicans.

   In Kahlifonia the GOP primary for Governor was all about who hates the undocumented most. This is not my GOP. This is the GOP of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity , Michelle (anchor baby) Malkin and the Mama Grizzlies. Gotcha!!….Wolly….Wow…23 skiddo.

   The real GOP is Ronald Reagan who approved amnesty in the 80’s. George Bush the father Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans. George W. Bush who approved TPS for Salvadorans in 2001 after the earthquake. The old John McCain and George W. Bush who fought to pass the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform. Karl Rove who called for a bigger tent.

   I never left the GOP…the GOP left me. But we shall prevail as honesty, decency in the end will always in the end prevail. We will take our party back.

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