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Latinos Across America Protest Obama’s Deportation Policies

Created: 15 August, 2011
Updated: 26 July, 2022
1 min read

 Obama recently decided to expand and enforce SCOMM—”Secure Communities”—by allowing local law enforcement to act as immigration agents, ensuring even worse effect on immigrant communities, ripping families apart while doing nothing to deal with the complicated issue. As a result, Latinos across America are calling for Tuesday, August 16, as a national day of action against the Administration’s policies, combining petitions with real-life protests, including one at his National Campaign Headquarters in Chicago. From a press release:

“There have been more deportations on President Obama’s watch than at any time in American history If the President continues to alienate Latino voters he will lose the election, plain and simple,” said Carlos Roa from, a national online advocacy group that seeks to empower Latinos nationwide.  ” He cannot expect Latino voters and an entire community simply stand by and watch as he expands the extremely controversial SCOMM program that tears families apart. Latinos throughout the United States are fed up with the Obama Administration’s continuation and aggressive expansion of a Bush deportation program that police chiefs, lawyers and community leaders across the country have denounced as ineffective and wasteful with urgently-needed local law enforcement resources,” said Roa. will deliver thousands of petitions to Obama’s HQ at noon tomorrow, and several protests across the US are scheduled for the same time. For more information, hit up

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