Luzia ‘A Waking Dream of México’

Created: 15 March, 2018
Last update: 27 July, 2022

By Geneva Gámez-Vallejo

Cirque du Soleil has traveled south of the border to bring Luzia, its latest creative invention.

Best known for outstanding acrobatic stunt performances interlocked with incredible and often nostalgic story lines, Cirque du Soleil attempts to capture Mexico’s culture through a surreal journey.

With a total of 115 cast members from 25 different countries and 19 nationalities, the show strikingly submerges itself fully into Mexico from the eye of the outsider and the local Mexican.

Luzia is a story of a young man who falls from a plane and lands in a land of dreams, which represents México.
There he is welcomed into a surreal world by a gigantic monarch butterfly, with silk wings spanning over 20 feet, symbolizing the migration of these animals from southern Canada to central México.

The scenes take the audience through a trip which includes the characters and acrobatics Cirque du Soleil is known for, but with new surprises.

New feats of skill include soccer freestylers who control the ball as they please in the rain and a jaw-dropping contortionist act.

Rich in color and music, Luzia is also a show which displays Cirque du Soleil’s technological evolution.

Luzia is the first show to incorporate water to a touring Cirque du Soleil performance. Audiences can now experience the sounds of rain as a trapeze artist astonishes with poetic moves under falling water and see an aerialist, representing a demigod of rain, emerging from a cenote well.

Technology also plays a innovative role in the show’s costumes. In one of her scenes, Majo Cornejo, the narrator and singer of the show, wears an all-white dress that shifts in color thanks to 98 motor equipped flowers individually programmed to turn red as their petals blossom, a surreal sight to take in as you hear Majo’s beautiful voice.

The performance is enhanced by rainfall that electronically generates images that support the mood of the show.
Filled with outstanding visuals and breathtaking performances, Luzia will be on stage through March 23 in Costa Mesa.