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Non-Profit Serving Mexico Launches ‘Apples for Classrooms’ Campaign – as a Technology Tribute to Honor the Legacy of Steve Jobs

Created: 16 December, 2011
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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Apples for Classrooms - One Town at a Time (Logo design by Momo Rodriguez)

One Town at a Time, a San Diego-based non-profit organization working with villages south of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico has launched ‘Apples for Classrooms’ a new computer fundraising campaign, as a tribute to the legacy of Steve Jobs.

The program, kicking off now until March 23, 2012 will raise funds to purchase and hand-deliver Apple technology to children’s classrooms in the Cabo Corrientes area of Jalisco including Apple computers, MacBooks, iPads and more.

Steve Jobs inspired the world through his innovative thinking and technologically advanced creations. At the forefront of technology, his goal was to educate and inspire. And, perhaps most importantly, he challenged the world to ‘think different.’

Our goal is to make a difference in a child’s life through education with the use of computers. Most of the children in these villages have never had contact with a computer, making this endeavor even more rewarding.

“A primary benefit of introducing computers and computer games into the primary school classroom is that students start learning how to use technology at an early age,” said Founder and Creator of One Town at a Time, David Simmonds. “Students who have computers in their classroom learn about various aspects of the technological world allowing them to become comfortable with more advanced computer related concepts as they get older.”

Introducing computers to students has been proven to create an increased interest in learning and education. Many concepts they learn in the classroom are presented in the form of computer games, thereby teaching while students are playing a fun, interactive game. This strategy allows the children to enjoy the learning process while learning important educational concepts that will help them in the future.

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“The ability to interact with other kids worldwide in the digital age opens up opportunities and imagination, which creates a learning atmosphere far beyond village life,” said Simmonds. “It creates hope and a chance at a better future – something we all want.”

Please join us in our ‘Apples to Classrooms’ campaign by making a tax-deductible online donation now. Your donation will go straight towards the purchase of a new (or used) Mac computer, iPad or iPod for a classroom in the identified area of Mexico.

Our initial goal is to raise $5,000, but no donation is too small and every dollar counts. And in honor of Steve Jobs, we carry on his legacy by encouraging the world to think different and think big!

Donate here:

Please become part of our community by joining us online on Facebook, Twitter: @onetownatatime or by visiting our official site:

If you would like to donate a check or a technology gift card, you can send here: Donate by Check/Mail: One Town at a Time, 5580 La Jolla Blvd., #306, La Jolla, CA 92037


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