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Obama the Brilliant

Created: 09 July, 2010
Updated: 20 April, 2022
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Comprehensive immigration reform now

By Alberto Marrero Salas

   In an interesting turn of events, President Obama went from there is little desire to tackle immigration reform to when he came out in favor of immigration reform and for that to take place as soon as possible.

   The GOP is in turmoil. There is a purge going on in the GOP. Moderate Republicans are being forced out (Charlie Crist in Florida, Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania) by the Tea Party nuts and people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, John McCain a former hero of immigration reform (remember McCain-Kennedy?) has thrown us under the bus. The nutcase that is running against him is J.D. Hayworth, a Neanderthal … with sincerest apologies to the Neanderthals.

   If J.D. Hayworth wins for the Senate in Arizona, I propose that the U.S. offer Arizona as a new home for the Palestinians and solve the Israeli Arab conflict in the middle east.

   Next on the RINO (Republicans in name only) hunting list of the Tea Party is Governor Perry of Texas who dared say that AZ SB1070 would be bad for Texas.

   But perhaps the Tea Party’s largest RINO targets are Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who today said that the Tea Party is unsustainable and has worked with Chuck Schumer of New York for a bipartisan solution to immigration reform. Jeb Bush, the brother of the President who also dared to criticize the AZ SB1070, is also a target of the Tea Party.

   With the GOP in turmoil, the move by the President on immigration reform is brilliant.

   Why so? Because the President would win no matter what happens.

   If immigration reform goes through he will be a hero to all Hispanics, the largest growing demographic in this country.

   If it fails, he will be able to point the finger at Republicans (and rightly so).

   With maybe some homogenous areas such as New York, Union City, New Jersey and some parts of Miami , many Hispanics have either relatives or friends who have an immigration problem.

   In my own case, I have eight children — some born here some born outside of the U.S.A. They all are either citizens or have attained LPR status. One of them came here illegally as a child. He is now a Citizen and a Navy Corpsman attached to the Marines.

   I have thirteen grandkids, all born here. (That’s what you get when you mix Hispanics and Mormons). They are of Cuban, Mexican, Salvadoran, Peruvian, Irish German and Guatemalan heritage. They range from white and blue eyed to wonderful shades of brown. In other words lovable mutts.

   The children can already vote. The grandkids will be able to vote in the future.

   We have dear friends who have been served an NTA by the Immigration Court (EOIR).

   In Arizona a member of the legislature named WONG (Sad to say, a Republican) wants to have water, power and the gas company to check your immigration status. WONG?

   WONG IS WRONG…what if his parents were not allowed to start Chinese restaurants or laundries?

   If the GOP blocks immigration reform guess what my wife and I my children and grandkids will do along with the largest growing demographic in the U.S.A.

   Sink what is left of GOP. Obama wins and so do the Democrats.

   It is sad as the GOP when Bush ran got over 40% of the Hispanic vote.

   In Florida in 2000 Bush won the state, barely due to over 80% of Hispanics voting for him.

   So if immigration reform passes, Obama wins. If immigration reform fails Obama and the Democrats win.

   In Kahlifonia, I already miss the Governator, a RINO.

   We have Meg Whitman, who had commercials made with Pete Wilson (the name that Hispanics used to get their kids to eat their veggies). Quoting her commercial during the primary… “Illegals are just that … Illegal.”

   Now to her credit she did oppose the Arizona law. But she has promised to end sanctuary cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now, what is a sanctuary city? It is a city where the police do not play the role of INS agents, as they do in Arizona.

   Jerry Brown, who was a failure as governor in the 70s (Okay, so I am old enough to remember the 70s) is OWNED by Public Employee Unions and will bankrupt Kalifohnia. Jerry Brown is a disaster.

   What a choice. Pete Wilson Meg or Union-owned Brown….I for one will vote Libertarian, Peace and Freedom or American Independent or maybe write in El Chapulin Colorado.

Worked on Wall Street during the 70’s and 80’s with Merril Lynch and Prudential Bache when as Gecko said greed was good.  Reprinted from