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Obama’s Theme: I’m S-o-r-r-y

Created: 30 December, 2009
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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Only those intelligent people blinded by liberal ideology or partisanship or lack of political sophistication expected President Obama to really shine in foreign policy. He did, after all, get a majority of the vote of people with high school or less than McCain did.

The rest of us knew that he had absolutely no background in foreign relations and that the nations most important to the USA were complete strangers to this man as were the people of those countries, Canada and Mexico.

He flubbed potential relations with Canada by declaring his labor union-dictated position that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needed to be “renegotiated” which caused consternation in Canada. He compounded the flub by having his top economic advisor from the University of Chicago tell the Canadian Consul in Chicago that Obama really didn’t mean it that NAFTA needed revision.

The NAFTA “renegotiation” statement also riled our other NAFTA partner, Mexico.

More importantly, despite the serious and dangerous war with Mexican drug lords by Mexican President Felipe Calderon the lack of public support by Obama for Calderon’s war on drugs and drug cartels and despite hundreds and thousands of Mexicans dying into hat war, President Obama has not only withheld strong public support of President Calderon, he has not moved quickly on the Merida Initiative in which the USA has promised hundreds of millions of dollars to finance the war.

Moreover, he has encouraged illegal marijuana user criminals throughout the country with his moves toward legalizing it by instructing his attorney general to not prosecute medical marijuana sellers in California. Needless to say, marijuana grown illegally in Mexico and illegally smuggled to the U.S supplies these protected sellers.

Last week, Mexican Marines, the elite of elites in the Mexican armed forces not only surrounded the number one drug cartel leader, Sinaloa’s Leyva, but killed him during a fierce firefight. Did Obama call a news conference to congratulate the Mexicans? No!

A few days later, the now deceased Leyva was avenged when relatives, including his mother, of the only Mexican marine killed in the Leyva gunfight were slaughtered by Leyva “soldiers” in the family’s own home. The Mexican government never announces the names of soldiers or Marines who are used for these gunfights and the men wear ski masks to hide their identity and protect their families.

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When, however, a soldier or Marine is killed his identity is announced by the government. That’s how the Leyva gunslingers knew where to look to avenge the death of their leader. Where was Obama or his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? No where!

In the meanwhile, Senator Leahy of Vermont has slowed the flow of Merida Initiative help to Mexico because he is not thrilled by the Mexican government’s not allowing soldiers to be prosecuted by civilian authorities for alleged mistreatment of drug criminals and others who have been caught up in the war. This interference is by a senator who never, as far as we know, ever interfered with Bill Clinton’s unique “rendition” program that allowed suspected terrorists to be kidnapped on the street and sent to Egypt and other “friendly” countries for “interrogation” by local means and manners.

Obama goes to Copenhagen twice and fails miserably. He went to China and flopped so badly it was a profound embarrassment to the rest of us, albeit we predicted during the campaign that’s how Obama would fare. Iranian leaders give Obama the figurative middle-index finger; ditto the Koreans and the world is closer to nuclear irresponsibility. Nonetheless, Obama continues his failed attempts at “grown-up” diplomacy.

Our American President bows to no one. Obama, however, does because he and his sycophantic followers and believers live in a phony Obama America. He bowed to the Saudi King and the Emperor of Japan. Intelligent Americans were embarrassed and shammed by these two Obama misadventures. Since when does the President of the United States bow to anyone much less dictators and “divine right of Kings” morons who would be selling shoes if not for the stupid acquiescence of their citizens?

Is there any wonder that independent Americans have dropped their support of Obama in record numbers and time? Never since polling started has a President suffered such a drop in popularity and approval as has Obama in less than 11 months.

A real President, Eisenhower, for example ran the country better while playing golf than Obama has from inside the White House. Eisenhower worked with Mexico and Canada; he didn’t send troops to Vietnam to die like Obama is doing in Afghanistan with no public proclamation of unconditional victory.

Victory is not a word in Obama’s lexicon, neither is American Exceptional—ism.  Neither is accomplishment, only apologies to the very people who hate us no matter how many times Obama says he’s sorry.

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