Proposed Truck Road Lane to Reduce Traffic Near Port

Proposed Truck Road Lane to Reduce Traffic Near Port

Created: 10 October, 2020
Last update: 27 July, 2022

By Sandra G. Leon

A dedicated traffic lane for commercial trucks moving to and from the port would help reduce traffic through communities close to the waterfront, including Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, and the East Village.

The plan involves building a dedicated traffic lane for commercial diesel trucks from the Port of San Diego to the I-5 freeway to reduce the truck traffic on local streets which add to congestion but also higher emissions and dangerous air quality in those neighborhoods.

The Environmental Health Coalition, which has fought for years to improve the quality if life for nearly by residents, approves of the proposed plan.

Large commercial cargo trucks have caused concern in the Barrio Logan area for years as they sometime violate the local rules for truck traffic on local streets.

The new dedicated truck lane project would also include new and improved sidewalks, bike lanes, and mass transit stops separating from truck traffic from pedestrians and bicyclists. The state has already identified the areas of Barrio Logan, National City, and Chula Vista as at-risk communities from the air pollution and elevated health risks caused by the unsafe air.

La Prensa San Diego has reported on several stories in the past few years concerning truck traffic through the local communities, including a when the City proposed new rules limiting trucks traffic on local streets, and a truck accident that knocked out power to 4,000 residents.

The proposal will be considered by the Port District Board of Directors.