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Rossi Rock Smashes Through 2018

Created: 28 September, 2018
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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Rossi Rock

Not missing a beat after his acclaimed 2017 release “Pony,” South Bay-based rapper Rossi Rock has continued his steady workrate into the current year.

With this summer’s release of his latest full-length project, titled “The Main Chambelán,” Rossi Rock has continued to make waves in 2018.

La Prensa San Diego caught up with Rossi Rock after his performance at Üateke Rock Fest at Embarcadero Park last week, which featured some of the biggest names in the world of rock en español along with notable local performers.

“I know (the event) is Spanish rock but we thought we would come and fuck stuff up a little bit with some rap,” he said. “A lot of people showed me love today and I really had a good time here.”

During his engagement at this music festival, Rossi Rock performed songs off of his latest production, in which one can hear stories of honest vulnerability and not fitting in as a kid along with lighter tunes celebrating the joy of getting replies from crushes and making up with that special someone.

Daily life and San Diego also play a big part in the narratives shared by Rossi Rock, with several namedrops including local landmarks and hang-out spots around town.

“I’m inspired by San Diego,” he stated. “Anything you hear me talk about im inspired by, whether it is the good or the bad I’m inspired by the city that I am living in; I call it lifestyle raps and whenever you hear my shit you will know what San Diego is like.

In that same vein, lifelong friends, fellow creatives, and collaborators also receive mentions throughout this production, just as they have in his earlier work.

“The people I talk about are my brothers and growing up in San Diego those are the people that I was just around organically and whether we are just kicking it or working on music I am inspired by the people I’m around and I’m going to mention my those names. Shout out to my homies, Suav City to the death,” he exclaimed.

While the title “The Main Chambelán” is a way in which Rossi Rock decided to display pride of his Mexican heritage, there is a bit of foreshadowing to this name. After the release of this album, he too has become the focal point of the local rap scene in 2018 — just as the main chambelán, the birthday girl’s primary companion at her quinceañera, stands out over the other boys present on the night the girl he escorts passes into womanhood in Mexican culture.

The latter months of 2018 will be busy ones for this rapper on the rise, as he is wrapping up work on a video for his song “Selena Over Jenny, Tequila Over Henny,” off his latest release.

“We just met up at my homie’s crib and just started shooting,” he said of the impromptu start to work on the video. “We hit the beach and the crib and you’ll see it when it comes out.”

Next week, Rossi Rock will be headlining the first-ever edition of the Maytime Band Review Music Festival. The Oct. 6 affair will be held at National City’s Kimball Park and will also include local new wave rockers Spooky Cigarette and surf pop act T-Rexico.

And if that wasn’t enough, Rossi Rock will top off the year with the release his newest full-length record, one he is extremely confident in.

“This project is about to be crazy because I’m taking this shit to the next level,” he proclaimed. “I’m about to be the biggest thing to come out of San Diego and the biggest Mexican to come out of the world,” Rossi Rock closed.

“You are about to see Rossi Rock everywhere. I promise you that.”