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The San Diego Hispanic Global Reality

Created: 26 February, 2010
Updated: 16 August, 2023
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Technology and innovation have been driving forces for globalization and increased interconnectivity. Many young, socially connected San Diego Hispanics are on the forefront of this new society. Their affinity for Internet technologies will advance Latinos as business strategies are increasingly built within global models. 

Globalization is a popular catchphrase with various meanings. In short the term describes the connectedness of production, communication and technologies across the world. There are various forms of global connectivity. From e-commerce and multinational organizations to social networks and cultural exposure, globalization transcends physical boundaries and eases the flow of information.

The many facets of globalization are beyond the scope of this article. The focus here is on Internet technologies and enhanced connectivity.

The Internet has accelerated communication thus opening the door for unprecedented social and professional opportunities. Families and friends can maintain and build relationships despite geographic location. Businesses can be more efficient with electronic transactions and can communicate directly with their various markets. Moreover, costs of Internet technologies have decreased dramatically enabling businesses to establish a local presence with a global reach.

San Diego Hispanics seem most prepared for this global reality. They are young, tech savvy, social beings that have already grown accustomed to multicultural perspectives. As leaders in the field the Hispanic community will secure a prominent role in San Diego business.

With a Hispanic population of a little over 30%, San Diego boasts the tenth largest Hispanic population in the nation. What’s more, Hispanic teens now account for 44 percent of the total number of residents between the ages of 10 and 17 living in San Diego County, according to Geoscape population estimates. Compare that to the overall population, and San Diego’s business and technology future will be most certainly heavily influenced by Hispanics.

Younger generations were raised in the global era. They were socialized with the Internet and the idea of chat rooms, MySpace and YouTube. Whereas older populations may hesitate to see the value in vast interconnectivity, young adults understand it as a norm.

Since the onset of the information age change in technologies has been a frequent occurrence. As a result youth tend to be comfortable with innovation. They are commonly early adopters and welcome new devices or systems that make their lives easier.

With an average age of 26, the overall U.S. Hispanic population is skewed young. These young Latinos are among the most technologically advanced as they are top ranked in Internet, streaming media and mobile device usage. This tendency may afford advantages in professional settings requiring technological proficiency. 

Hispanics in general are also very close to their social and familial circles. These relationships are at the very core of Latino culture. Social technologies are appealing to this market segment for that reason. Using social networking sites allows them to enhance relationships and keep it touch with people around the world. Any form of improved communication method will likely resonate well with this group.

San Diego Hispanics’ multicultural perspectives assist in developing a predisposition for globalization as well. Contradictions between their home and public cultures have prepared the group for the complexities of a global society. Compared to the national average, large portions of the San Diego Hispanic population are considered ‘New Generational Latinos’. These are primarily English speaking, second-, third- and even fourth- generation Hispanics who are diverse and complex. They consider themselves Americans but hold strong bonds with their cultural selves. Hispanics are more equipped to mitigate the intricacies of overlapping cultural boundaries.

The Internet will continue to power globalization and interconnectivity. Hispanics demonstrate proclivity for the global framework. This orientation may propel San Diego Latino business and entrepreneurs into the limelight in the very near future.