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[Part 1] SD City’s Story on 101 Ash St Deal Is Crumbling Like the Building Itself
Emails from 2016 show City efforts to raise the value of a building by signing a 20-year deal and the former City Attorney focuses attention on current City Attorney Mara Elliott as the final backstop for the now-crumbling deal.
City Knowingly Put 1,100 Staffers at Risk of Fire in 101 Ash St. Building, Asbestos Scare Saved Their Lives
Downtown high-rise building purchased as a new space for over 1,100 staffers was closed down last year over asbestos exposure, but a greater threat to people in the building could have been uncontrollable fires.
General Contractor Warned City About Inoperable Fire Systems at 101 Ash St. Before Employees Moved In
City leaders were warned the fire systems were not operable, but City staff then misrepresented the building status to the press, the public, and even the San Diego Ethics Commission.
PERSPECTIVE: Politicos Ignoring La Prensa’s Questions is an Affront to Our Community
Dismissing and ignoring our questions is not an assault on La Prensa’s significance: it is an affront to our readers and our community.
PERSPECTIVE: Jason Hughes is a Piñata but Who’s Yanking the Rope?
Jason Hughes deserves the beating he’s now taking for playing both sides of the deal, but we should follow the rope back to see who is really behind the cheap entertainment.