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Created: 11 September, 2009
Updated: 20 April, 2022
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 Go figure…. Chula Vista city council nominated three people to interview to replace John McCann who will serving in Iraq. How does a majority democratic council end up with two of the three Republicans??? And all white guys… Looks like Mayor Cox maneuvered this around to suit her needs…. This lot doesn’t exactly reflect the community…

Qué pasó Rudy Ramirez? Not one Hispanic amongst the 27 candidates measure up to your standards? Maybe you should let us know what those standards are so we can better judge you by, come election time….

 Last Friday the City of Chula Vista held victory celebration for the Parkview Little Leaguers, but wasn’t all that it could have been. A lot of complaints that the event was more about the politicans than the little leaguers, no big screen showing highlights, no key to the city or other show of appreciation, just lots of political speeches….

 At least comedian George Lopez came through the first night the boys came home, Lopez delivered on his promise and presented each boy with an I-pod.

 Mayor Ron Morrison having to do some fancy footwork to stay out of trouble with his gal pal Josie Flores Clark, who works for the mayor. Mayor Morrison trying to keep a lid on the issue with Josie using her position to secure work for her towing company. But the bigger issue, that everyone in National City is talking about, is his personal relationship with Ms Clark… Hmmmm, where is TMZ when you need them….

 Our Condolences go out to Humberto Peraza who lost his sister recently in a car accident. Our prayers are with you.
 Kind of quite this week so we will say our good by and get ready for the Charger’s opening game this Monday as they take on the Oakland Raiders, what a way to open the season….

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