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Created: 18 September, 2009
Updated: 20 April, 2022

From the Middle Down

 As a native Southern California, a veteran of the Korean conflict and a good countryman, I would like to help the suffering economy in our country. I am speaking of our prison system and the cost of housing these prisoners.

 I am speaking of releasing the foreign prisoners who have a release date. They may have six months, a year or so to be released and send them back to their country of origin. And as an added incentive lets give them $200 and $100 dollars a month for the remaining term of their sentence, to get back on their feet. This would save us thousands of it cost the state to keep them in prison.

 I know this may not sound appropriate or agreeable but I think it is an idea worth discussing and I would like to hear what other people think of this idea. I don’t think our prison system is working and it is costing the taxpayers millions so lets save some tax revenue and send the foreign prisoners back to their country of origin.

Arcadio Arguilez
Chula Vista

Obama As Much A White President As Black

 Jim Wilson’s outburst against Obama during an Obama speech before the members of Congress has brought to the fore once again, as to “how racist are the American people? Maybe there is a new six-pack session for the president and Wilson to have a continuing examination of the question.

 LET’S FACE IT FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL, Barack Obama’s election showed that racism in America is not able to derail the election of a president. The problem arises on many fronts of the general daily life of citizens and politicians. There is an uncontrolled anger in the hearts of anyone who becomes too fanatic about an issue and can’t control his behavior and many times his actions. We have recently experienced this in the murder of the abortion doctor and the guard at the Holocaust Museum.

 The major problem facing our political agenda and the fact that we have a president who is half white, is that all criticism of his speech and behavior has to be first analyzed as to whether controversy and disagreements are racially motivated. This presents a very grave problem to the application of our political discussion and free speech. To be critical of a leader, as opposed to a dictaotship, where all controversial speech is cut off with no arguments for fear of stirring up a hornet’s nest of being labeled a racist. When citizens are afraid of speaking out we loose our special American freedom of speech.

Dr. Norman Mann
San Diego