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Voting: The Right and Duty

Created: 17 September, 2010
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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   There are thirty days or so left to register to vote for the November 2nd national election, about 50 to the election itself. Only those registered by the middle of October can vote and even then, less than 60 percent of registered voters will vote.

   The future of the country is at stake, thus it is incumbent on people to register and vote. If they don’t, I am writing this to disparage these people for they forsake their duty as Americans and as a free people. Hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans have died so today’s people can vote and can help direct the country and live as a free people. Because we are free, hundreds of millions of people want to kill us and the country. Voting is how we fight back.

   Let me disparage slackers by stating clearly that they who don’t vote give up their right to complain and whine or be listened to. They do so voluntarily and have the freedom to do so. They won’t be hunted down, arrested and thrown into prison; they won’t be fined as in Australia if they don’t vote. They do, however, leave themselves open to being disregarded, lampooned and criticized for being citizen idiots that deserve nothing in the way of attention by the rest of us who do exercise our obligation to help direct the country.

   Example:  In 1994 a group of Orange County, California whacked out racist unemployed male to male companions drew support from an otherwise respectable Republican Governor Pete Wilson for their previously unsupported drive to impose political and legal witch hunts on Mexicans and their American citizen children. Governor Wilson ordered the state Republican Party to pay $300,000 to signature gatherers in order for the infamous Proposition 187 to make the November ballot so Wilson could run on it for reelection.

   On Election Day, the racist-inspired, written and supported Proposition was approved by almost 60 percent of voters despite obviously unconstitutional provisions. Wilson was reelected then defended it in a benign manner designed to show himself in a good light despite judges slamming the 187 door just one day after the election. Yalie (Yale graduate) Wilson let the judicial clock run out by not providing court requested evidence and materials. He did so clearly to pretend he was defending the proposition when he really wasn’t. Wilson was not stupid, despite failing the California Bar Exam several times, he knew Prop. 187 was unconstitutional, so he didn’t fight in court.

   Given that background, let’s add another fact to the brew. In that year, there were approximately 2-million Mexican Americans unregistered to vote in California. On top of those two million there were more than a million Mexican Permanent Residents carrying “green cards” just a few steps short of becoming citizens. If those million had been citizens and joined just half of the two million unregistered citizens in voting against the issue, Proposition 187 would never have won at the polls, never.

   Today, the proposition would not win because California Hispanic voting has increased exponentially since and many of those complacent “green carders” became citizens because they learned their lesson with Prop. 187.

   Politically, we cannot tolerate lazy people, especially lazy Hispanics when it comes to voting. Proposition 187 was the wake up call. We can no longer tolerate the “green carders” who sit around and tell us wistfully of retiring and returning to Mexico to their little “ranchito.”  They must become citizens and they must vote whether or not they return to their “ranchitos.”

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   We must publicly relegate these lazy people to irrelevancy. We must turn out to vote and elect our own Hispanics who are willing to serve, especially those Hispanics who discard the plantation and run as Republicans.

   By all appearances, 2010 is a banner year for Hispanic Republicans. Washington State – Jaime Herrera running for Congress, ditto Raul Labrador in Idaho. In Texas, we have congressional candidates Bill Flores, Roy Morales and Francisco Canseco. In New Mexico we have Susanna Martinez for Governor, John Sanchez for Lt. Governor and Errol Chavez and Dianna Duran running statewide. In California, Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado is running for a full term. In Nevada, Brian Sandoval is favored for Governor. And, in Florida, Superstar Marco Rubio leads for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Mel Martinez.

   These Hispanic Republicans are paving the way for the community to take its proper place in the governance of the United States of America. To get elected they must appeal to all people regardless of ethnic backgrounds, yes, but it all starts with core support by fellow Hispanics.

   Only registered people can vote. Thus, the order of the day is: REGISTER, TODAY! VOTE NOVEMBER 2ND! CELEBRATE VICTORY NOVEMBER 3RD!

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