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White Bread U.S. Senator?

Created: 26 February, 2010
Updated: 13 September, 2023
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When it comes to political issues for Hispanics, jobs is number one. Much to President Obama’s consternation, comprehensive immigration reform ranks very high in Hispanic priorities right behind jobs.

Immigration reform brings us to how America is lied to by comprehensive immigration reform opponents.

J.D. Hayworth, former Arizona congressman, former radio talk show host, former sports news broadcaster and live and living liar typifies the lying cabal that is anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican and anti-the-U.S. Constitution (14th Amendment). His written views on natural born citizenship are counter to the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions reek of ethnic racism.

He has announced for the Arizona Republican U.S. Senate seat of longtime incumbent and former Presidential candidate John McCain. At his announcement Hayworth moves the Big Lie immigration football forward.

His continued and repetitive statement – aka BIG LIE – that Senator John McCain supported and sponsored “AMNESTY” for illegal aliens in the Senate and in his years in office is a lie, a BIG LIE.

McCain proposed legalizing illegal aliens by having them register as illegals by entering or staying in the country illegally, by paying a cash fine (and taxes) and learning English as well as obeying all current laws. He also supported a period during which these people could earn the ability to eventually become citizens. He would have allowed people to come here to work in a work permit program for which they would pay taxes and fees to the government to obtain the legal right to work thereby bypassing criminal Coh-ee- oh-tehs (coyotes) and their exorbitant and criminal smuggling fees.

Individuals had to admit to violating laws.

THAT IS NOT “AMNESTY!” Anyone like J.D. Hayworth who says it is, is a liar.

Every voter needs to examine J.D. Hay-worth’s background and his service as an Arizona Representative who was defeated for reelection by a Democrat in a Republican district.

First, while serving as the co-chairman of the Native American Caucus in the House of Representatives – Note, Hayworth is pure white bread who doesn’t have Amerindian blood in him except, perhaps, by transfusion – he accepted over $60,000 in “campaign contributions” from convicted bribe artist Jack Abramoff who ripped off Indian tribes for millions of dollars in an elaborate scam that Hayworth had to know about even as he personally benefited from the criminal money.


Note: John McCain was involved in the Keating Five scandal 25 YEARS AGO. McCain arranged a meeting for crook Keating but received a thank you and some air travel in contrast to California’s Democrat U.S. Senator Alan Cranston who took thousands of dollars from Keating.

Secondly, his personal campaign Political Action Committee (PAC) hired his wife and paid her $100,000 of PAC funds as a salary for several years, 25% of the total raised.


Thirdly, Hayworth was front and center in the fight against McCain’s immigration reform bill that was supported by President Bush, the Catholic Church (and many other churches) and every legitimate Hispanic and business organization in the country. It had near-unanimous Hispanic support.

Over 60 percent of the country, including a majority of Republicans supported and still support, Comprehensive Immigration Reform. But a criminal coalition of Mexican haters, union leaders, liars and ever active white bread racists including Hayworth in the House, the AFL/CIO and Senators Barack Obama/Harry Reed in the Senate made sure that only 53 senators supported immigration reform when 60 votes were needed.

This criminal coalition is a reconfiguration of the 1993 “Halloween Coalition” of Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Jesse Jackson and the AFL/CIO that organized to fight the creation and the legislative passage of the North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA). That coalition failed because its lies were easily refuted. The result: 20 million new American jobs were created in the six years after NAFTA went into effect.

Will Arizonans succumb to Hayworth’s lies, again, or will they return John McCain to the Senate for a final six years? The choice should be obvious to any intelligent voter.

If you hate Mexicans and others who aren’t white, if you are awash in criminal money, if you are a product of a non-college college, if you live by the Big Lie, if you are enthusiastically supported by Mexican hating champion pro-filer Joe Arpaio, the worst sheriff in America, then run for the United States Senate as J.D. Hayworth.

Hayworth is living proof that anyone can run for office in America no matter how uneducated, how tainted with corrupt criminal money and how big a liar one is.

Pay the filing fee J.D; run – and lose.