6 Amazing Experiences That Should Be On Your Bucket List

Created: 05 April, 2018
Last update: 27 July, 2022

By Veda Frumkin

Feeling risky, adventurous, or just bored with the same old monotonous routine of life? Get out and relish in the beautiful, picturesque San Diego surroundings.

There is a myriad of experiences and sights to behold in the land of sunny SD, and it is completely affordable, as well as within arms reach. Dive into these six unparalleled experiences one can only get in the serene, multifaceted place we call home.

1. Laurel Airport Parking Adventure

This one is unique, but a must-do for tourists and San Diegans alike. The Laurel Airport Parking structure is located in Little Italy, and sits right in front of the San Diego airport runway.

When the planes fly in, they fly right above the parking structure, so close to where it feels as if one can reach out and actually touch a wing. To park for 12 hours, the cost is $12, so bring some lawn chairs, order some pizza, and make an entire night out of it.

Drive to the top of the structure, and wait for the planes to arrive. Make sure to pause and really take in the beauty of the massive planes floating so effortlessly up above.

2. A Walk Around The South Of The Ocean Beach Pier

Ocean Beach is known for its individualistic and eclectic surroundings, but also for its beautiful ocean landscape. The pier is one attraction that many tend to visit, but it’s the rocks around the south side of the pier that should be explored.

Walking past the pier, a little walkway opens up to great panoramic views of ocean, rocks, and mini tide pools. Locals carefully traverse through the sandstone rocks along the base of the cliffs, more times than not seeing little crabs moving along in the tide pools.

Walking along the rocks for a few minutes, there’s a small pocket beach tucked away between two rocky outcrops. It’s one of the many little treats to expect when making the fascinating trek past the pier.

Bring a beach bag and adventure through the sandstone cliffs for spectacular scenery and phenomenal panoramas.

3. Tourmaline Surf Park

Located at the end of Tourmaline Street, this surf park encompasses the quintessential definition of sunny California. The beach itself is serene and filled with fine, white sand.

The wonder at Tourmaline lies in the tides though. Many local surfers come to this beach to wade in the water for the perfect wave. This beach is the perfect place to watch professionals and beginners alike successfully ride varying levels of waves.

Grab some beach chairs, tacos, and sunscreen, and sit back to enjoy the show.

4. Sunrise Bike Ride Through Balboa Park

This is an experience made easy through bike-sharing companies like Ofo and Limebike, parked around the city. For a dollar an hour, one can rent a bike, use it with ease, and park it at a convenient drop-off location as soon as the ride is over.

Biking through Balboa Park at sunrise is a must-do activity in San Diego, because not only is Balboa one of the biggest tourist attractions, it is also quite impressive. During the day it can get a tad crowded, so going at sunrise makes it easy to enjoy the peace before the rush overwhelms the experience.

5. Mission Beach to Pacific Beach Boardwalk

This walk stretches three miles, and links the two neighboring beach areas together. Being a paved path, the walk is typically open to bikers and inline skaters. Traveling on foot is much easier though, and safer due to the large volume of visitors.

The walk encompasses numerous shops, restaurants, beautiful beach homes, and even an amusement park located in Mission Beach. The best time to take this charming beach walk is toward sunset.

The way the sun falls so delicately over the trail is positively breathtaking, and should be experienced with a friend. Take it slow, and really enjoy the lively, one-of-a-kind beach atmosphere.

6. The Widely Popular Maritime Museum Tour

At $18 a ticket, the Maritime Museum offers a once-in-a-lifetime nautical experience open to the public. Located right here in the San Diego bay, the Maritime Museum showcases old-fashioned sailing ships, steam-powered boats, and submarines.

Take a history lesson on the high seas, and experience what the San Diego bay has to offer. Bring coffee, and start the morning off right with a beautiful tour through the eleven massive ships along the bay.