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BIC Partners With The Hispanic Chamber Of E-Commerce To Provide Entrepreneurs Critical Business Information

Created: 27 August, 2010
Updated: 26 July, 2022
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“Minority Business Forum Will Be Conducted in San Diego”

    The National Business Information Clearinghouse (BIC) will be conducting a Minority Business Forum during the 2010 Hispanic Business Showcase, hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC) on September 10, 2010 at the San Diego Convention Center. Taking place on the first day of the two-day event, the Forum will focus on providing attendees critical business information on how to start and grow a successful business. Topics to be covered include procurement opportunities, financing a business, management techniques and technology strategies.

    The San Diego Minority Business Forum is part of a series of grass roots events held throughout the country. State Farm Insurance, Western Union, U.S. Department of Labor, The Coca Cola Company and Comerica Bank are proud sponsors of the BIC.

    “The BIC Minority Forums and websites are great resources for our members because they provide relevant information that will ultimately help entrepreneurs earn more revenue and save time doing it,” says Tayde Aburto President of HISCEC. “A huge benefit of the websites is one-click access to national and local business resources agencies, community groups, business associations, and Latino organizations.”

    “The BIC has developed three websites that are uniquely tailored to the minority communities and using the websites is like having your own personal search engine,” states BIC President Michael Barrera. “Our high-tech team has screened, categorized and created links to business information from hundreds of web sites so it’s easy to find tips on funding a business or bidding on government and corporate contracts.”

    The Forum is free to attend and for more information please go to the Business Forums section on any of the BIC websites or to

    The Business Showcase is pleased to welcome the Honorable Jerry Sanders, mayor of San Diego. For more information on the Business Showcase, please go to

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