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Sandy Naranjo
PERSPECTIVE: Port’s Nothingburger Report on Naranjo Falls Flat
Report that led to censure does not prove any violations of the law.
San Diego Port District
PERSPECTIVE: Port District Exposes Its Underbelly in Censuring NC Commissioner
Inside politics of the powerful Board spills into the public with no details.
Bart Miesfeld
APROBACIÓN: Bart Miesfeld para Fiscal Municipal de CV
La elección especial se llevará a cabo el 7 de noviembre.
Bart Miesfeld
ENDORSEMENT: Bart Miesfeld for CV City Attorney
The Special Election will be held on November 7th.
Hunter Biden
PERSPECTIVE: GOP May Soon Be Fighting to Defend Hunter Biden
Gun advocates may be uncomfortable siding with Biden.
Vivek Ramaswany
PERSPECTIVE: Ramaswamy’s Short-sided Attack on Birthright Citizenship
Immigrants are the backbone of economic growth not a burden to shed.
Monica Montgomery Steppe
PERSPECTIVE: Dem on Dem Political Violence Increases
Business interests money funding battles between Democrats
Monica Montgomery Steppe
ENDORSEMENT: Monica Montgomery Steppe for County Supervisor
Councilwoman Montgomery Steppe is best choice to help lead County.
Nathan Fletcher
PERSPECTIVE: Fletcher the Lecher Exposed
Nathan Fletcher must resign effective immediately.
Chula Vista City Council
PERSPECTIVE: CV Should Allow Voters to Fill Council Vacancy
A special election should decide who should fill vacancies.
Editorial: Early endorsements: circumventing the Democratic Process!
The key value of democratic process is based on the belief in Read more…
Editorial: Vision for Chula Vista/Gateway Changing?
“ED 6.5 Attract upscale restaurants in strategic locations of the City, in-cluding Read more…
LA fires serve as a reminder of 2007 fires and of communities helping each other
Editorial: The Los Angeles fires are slowly, but surely, coming under control Read more…
Governor of California – Jerry Brown The office for governor is no Read more…
Dream Act or No: I Will Still Dream On
Guest Opinion/Editorial: By Adrian Ramirez Ever since the first Development, Relief and Read more…
How Elected Officials Can Celebrate Men This Father’s Day
Guest Editorial/Commentary: By Ellen Bravo and Dan Mulhern    After being inundated Read more…
Duncan Hunter Exposed How Politicians Use OPM
The concept of using other people’s money, or OPM, is the goal Read more…
La Prensa San Diego Regresa a Barrio Logan!
Ilustracion por Andy Avina ( Instagram @4ndy4vin4) Barrio Logan ha sido el Read more…
America’s Break with Other Countries Can Be a Problem During Crises
Arturo Castanares Editor-at-Large Putting America first has been the mantra during Donald Read more…
PERSPECTIVE: Biden Can Make a Bold Choice for Running Mate
When former Vice-President Joe Biden became the front runner for the Democratic nomination he commuted to selecting a woman as his running mate. By choosing a woman to share the ticket, Biden could help make history if the first woman and first person of color as Vice-President in history is elected with him in November.
PERSPECTIVE: 100,000 US COVID-19 Deaths Compared to Other Crises
As we reach 100,000 deaths from the COVID-19 virus, we compare death rates from other causes that show how deadly this pandemic has been in the US.
PERSPECTIVE: What Trump Gets Wrong About Online Free Speech
President Trump signed an Executive Order against social media companies that he say “totally silence conservatives voices”, vowing that “we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand-pick the speech that Americans may access and convey online”.
PERSPECTIVE: Donald Trump Acts Like a Racist Coward
As protests that raged around the country reached the gates outside the White House yesterday, Donald Trump was rushed to a secure underground bunker to literally and figuratively hide away from the racial tensions that were boiling over on the street of America. 
PERSPECTIVE: Fox and Right Misinform Public About Police Excessive Force
A concerted effort is afoot among conservative voices to build a misleading counter-narrative to the public protests about racial bias by police: that whites are more likely to be killed by police than people of color.
PERSPECTIVE: It’s Time to Relegate Confederate Symbols to the Past
Venerating the symbols, statues, leaders, and flag of the Confederate States of America has no place in our society now more than 155 years after the end of the war that nearly torn our country apart.
PERSPECTIVE: John Bolton Traded Principles for Profits
Democrats in Congress did everything they could last year to prove that Donald Trump abused the office of President, but they lacked any first-hand witness to corroborate the numerous details provided by diplomats and staffers who drew dots but couldn’t connect them all. Until now.
PERSPECTIVE: As Protests Rage On, Trump Quietly Appoints 200th Judge
In three and a half years, Donald Trump has now surpassed the total number of federal judges George W. Bush appointed in two full terms.
PERSPECTIVE: Bad Apples Cannot Be Tolerated Among Police
Every time the country has confronted a case of police brutality or excessive force by officers, police agencies have responded with the same defense and explanation for the intolerable behavior: it was only a few “bad apples” and not a systemic problem.
PERSPECTIVE: Freedom of Speech and Cancel Culture ‘splained
We should understand, acknowledge, and support social change through activism, not discourage it.  We should all be free to use our decisions, personal and financial, in ways that express our beliefs and opinions.
PRESPECTIVE: GOP Starting to Rewrite History as Trump Starts Smelling Like a Loser
Republicans are already starting to pivot to start to rebuild the shambles of their party in what now seems like Donald Trump’s inevitable defeat.
PERSPECTIVE: Make No Mistake: We’re Watching a Slow-Motion Coup Attempt
A country is under attack by an attempted coup headed by the sitting President that is trying desperately to cling to power after losing an election. No, this isn’t the plot to a made-for-TV movie, or another Tom Clancy suspense novel. It’s happening to us.
PERSPECTIVE: Politicos Ignoring La Prensa’s Questions is an Affront to Our Community
Dismissing and ignoring our questions is not an assault on La Prensa’s significance: it is an affront to our readers and our community.
PERSPECTIVE: It’s Time for a Hero to Step Forward in 101 Ash St Debacle
Someone has to demand truthful answers and offer a clear path forward that protects taxpayers from losing money on a flawed real estate deal with a dubious history and uncertain future.
PERSPECTIVE: Will MTS Death Bring About Real Change?
24-year old Angel Zapata Hernandez died here in San Diego when two transit security guards attempted to arrest him.
PERSPECTIVE: If the US Revolution was a Divorce, 4th of July was only the Separation Date
We’ve all learned that the Declaration of Independence signalled the founding of the US and we celebrate it each year on the now-sacred date of July 4th.
PERSPECTIVE: Jason Hughes is a Piñata but Who’s Yanking the Rope?
Jason Hughes deserves the beating he’s now taking for playing both sides of the deal, but we should follow the rope back to see who is really behind the cheap entertainment.
PERSPECTIVE: Police Actions Have Eroded Our Confidence
The media is an unwitting accomplice in relying on information and amplifying false or misleading narratives without independently fact-checking.
PERSPECTIVE: DA Should Pass 101 Ash Investigation to Feds to Avoid Conflicts
A credible investigation into the origins of the 101 Ash deal and the financial advantages taken by a few insiders is much needed without political undertones.
PERSPECTIVE: If Footnote 15 is Real, City Officials & Lawyers May Have Committed Crimes
Criminal investigators should be combing through the complex details of who knew what when.
PERSPECTIVE: Per-Mile Car Tax Would Be More Fair than Current Per-Gallon Taxes
SANDAG and our State Legislature must look for more fair ways to tax drivers as we move toward a more sustainable future, together.
ENDORSEMENT: David Alvarez for State Assembly Special Election
David Alvarez stood up when no one else tried to protect taxpayers from corrupt insider trading. Others should have listened to Alvarez, but one did.