Created: 30 October, 2020
Last update: 27 July, 2022
By Barbara Chávez Ybarra
Barbara with her Grandfather, César Chaávez

I am thrilled and excited to see a woman, Barbara Bry, become our next Mayor of San Diego.

There are so many reasons for my supporting Barbara Bry who is a more than qualified woman for the job.

In my family, women leading is nothing new.  My grandmother, Minnie Gonzalez Ybarra, who grew up in Barrio Logan, was a community leader, worked a full-time job, and was a social service provider, all during a time when most women did not work outside the home.

My mother, Anna, and her seven siblings helped my grandparents, Cesar and Helen Chavez, start and grow a movement for farmworkers.

My grandmother, Helen Fabela Chavez helped launch Cesar Chavez’s movement. We all know that without Helen Chavez, the world would never have heard of Cesar Chavez.

Both my grandmother’s, as well as my grandfather, would be proud of us for standing with Barbara Bry. Why?

They were the ultimate “underdogs” who beat the Goliath.

With my Nana Helen’s influence, my grandfather was an early believer in women leading the way. His movement had more women at the forefront than probably any other social or labor movement.

As the photo running with this endorsement article shows, women in my family start leading at a very young age. My first political campaign was Ted Kennedy for President, when I was seven years old. My script was to tell voters that I wasn’t old enough to vote, but they were and I encourage them to get out and vote.

When I first met Barbara Bry, I was impressed with her matter of fact leadership style. I was a fan and supporter.

At the time, Barbara was the one and only San Diego City Council office that was a supporter of Barrio Logan College Institute, she cared deeply about the mission and the Latino community.

Barbara’s journey has been as impressive as any I have seen or known.  Starting with a Harvard MBA, never an easy feat for a woman, Barbara was a successful journalist.

When she became a single mom of two daughters, she rolled up her sleeves and found her way into a new industry. What did she do?

After some learning trials she became a successful entrepreneur, as a founder and leader of Pro-flowers and Voice of San Diego and then in the burgeoning high tech industry.

That wasn’t enough for Barbara Bry.

She gave back to her community. She started Athena and Run Women Run to empower women.

I was elated when Barbara Bry again beat the odds by making it into the runoff. She has since impressed many voters who have joined the cause to make her our next mayor. I like her purpose and style as l like her chances of winning.

The race is now neck and neck.  We, the voters of San Diego, have the power to decide this race and the future of our home town.

Join me in supporting Barbara Bry for Mayor.

Barbara Chavez Ybarra