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Mesa College Announces Scholarships for Aspiring SINGERS AND Jazz Musicians

Created: 01 July, 2011
Updated: 26 July, 2022
1 min read

    San Diego Mesa College is now accepting applications for $1,000 scholarships which will be awarded to full time students who desire to sing with the Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or play jazz with the Mesa College Jazz Band this fall semester.

    The scholarships are the E. F. K. Music Scholarships the Gustavo Romero Music Scholarships, and the Shellist Memorial Music Scholarship.

    Students who are new to the Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or Jazz Band and plan to be enrolled full time at Mesa College are invited to apply; they need not be music majors. Auditions will be held Monday, July 24 and Monday, August 1.

    You must be preregistered to audition.  An online application and complete eligibility requirements can be found at, or by calling 619-388-2221.

    Mesa College offers one of the most the most comprehensive music theory programs in San Diego County. The music program is designed for students with interests in continued study and in a wide range of careers in academic, vocational and commercial music. Associate degree and certificates of completion are offered. Classes in theory, electronic music, voice, and jazz provide non-music and music majors the opportunity to learn about and create music. Since 1995, the department has awarded nearly $30,000 in scholarships to music majors transferring to four-year institutions.

    The Mesa College Music Department is chaired by hybrid musician MOMILANI RAMSTRUM– a composer, performer and a musicologist. Its faculty includes world-class performing musicians such as jazz artists Bob Magnusson and Bob Boss, saxophonist James Romeo; classical guitarists George Svoboda, electronic composer Igor Korneitchouk, and pianist/vocalist Jaeryoung Lee. More information is available at

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