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Partnership Aims to Help Small Businesses in Down Economy

Created: 03 December, 2010
Updated: 26 July, 2022
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    Although the U.S. economy is showing small signs of improvement, growth in small businesses continues to be lackluster. To combat this, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce and Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce are joining resources in 2011 to create the ultimate business showcase, offering the San Diego County business community tools to connect with other business owners and build relationships and strategic partnerships in order to thrive.

    “This will be the ultimate business showcase, a premier gathering of businesses committed to creating positive social and economic impact through business in San Diego County,” said Tayde Aburto, president and CEO, of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce. “We want to create an event that can contribute to the growth and development of our community.”

    In 2010, both organizations held their own business showcases, but a unified program offers more value to the participants. The event, scheduled at 2 p.m. on April 7 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, will have greater reach throughout the county and will provide a rich opportunity for business owners throughout the county to connect.

    “We are excited to help build an event that represents the type of business community found in San Diego County,” said Scott Ashton, Director of Sales & Marketing for the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce. “Our Chamber is pleased to have the opportunity to work with a strong and proactive partner like the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce.”

    The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is an online business association focused on enhancing the competitiveness of the small business in the advancing digital economy. For more information visit

    The Oceanside Chamber of Commerce is a business organization focused on providing leadership and a collective voice for its membership and community thereby promoting a strong business climate and quality of life. For more information visit

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